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The Mentor of all Mentors with “no exceptions incurred”. Re-Edited by John L.S. Adams
Author: Charlie Page
“Motivation” is a “Key” to “Success”

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123 Ad Package
Most ads fail miserably.
Discover why and how “YOU” can “avoid” that problem!
What is the number one success factor today?
• Is it a super fast loading website?
• Is it the right joint venture partner?
• Is it producing the best product on the market, or selling for the best price?
While all of these factors are important, none of them alone are #1. What is the Numeral Uno factor?
The #1 factor to succeeding online today is the effectiveness of the ads you use!
The bottom line is simple.
• If your ads drive traffic to your site you have a chance to succeed.
• If your ads fail to drive traffic, you have no chance to succeed.
Without effective ads you simply can’t succeed, because no one will see your website!
Think about this for a minute. You can have all of these things and still fail!
• The most persuasive sales letter possible
• The best product ever invented
• The lowest price of all your competitors
• The easiest system in the world
• The strongest guarantee ever written
• An advertising budget that makes Donald Trump green with envy
All of this means NOTHING if the ads you use don’t drive traffic to your website!
“Yes” – the ads you use are what will determine your success or failure online. The Internet has been called the greatest advertising vehicle in the history of mankind. Frankly, that’s an understatement!

Succeeding Online is MOSTLY about advertising well!

• Why do we use email? To advertise
• Why do we create websites? To advertise
• Why do we do joint ventures? To advertise!
The Quality Of The Product You Sell Has Very Little To Do With Making Sales!
You might find this to be a starling statement. You might even disagree. But it’s true. The quality of the product you sell has very little to do with succeeding online!
Don’t get me wrong – I think the quality of the products people produce is very important, and only quality products can bring long-term success. We strive to make our products the very best possible. But a commitment to quality alone is not enough.
What will determine how successful you are is the effectiveness of the ads you use.
The reason for this is because it is your ad – not the quality of your product or how good your sales letter is – that drives visitors to your website.
When your ads are not effective, you can’t give away even the best of products!
The Internet Is All About Advertising
People sometimes say “Nothing happens until something is sold”. That’s true offline. But that saying needs a little updating for the Internet. The way it should read is …
Nothing happens until somebody clicks!!
And what makes people Click! Is very powerful news adds. Are your ads making them click?
The Ads You Use Are What Will Determine Your Success or Failure Online
There are really only two types of ads today – effective or not effective. So what makes an ad effective? In a nutshell, what makes an ad effective is “emotional appeal”.
Your ad must trigger “the right emotion” in order to create results.
There are many ways to make people want to click the link in your add. Here are but a few of the top emotional triggers.
• Greed
• Fear of loss
• Promise of gain – make money!
• A desire to impress others
• Curiosity
• Save time
• Avoid effort
• Saving money
• Better health and vitality
• Telling the boss to take a hike!
• And more
The real question is this … do you know – and know without a doubt - which approach is the best to use with your specific product?
Frankly, most people don’t. And not knowing is costing them thousands in wasted or ineffective advertising.
The good news is that now you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because we will review your site and then choose the best approach based on years of copywriting experience!
The Quick and Easy Way to Have Great, Custom, Unique, Ads That Will Drive Traffic
Without Writing A Single Word!
Why struggle to create a winning ad when someone else can do it for you?
For a very limited time, we will create not one but SIX powerful ads for any site you want to promote.
Who will benefit from our exclusive 123 Ad Writing Package?
• People who create their own products
• People who market as affiliates
• People wanting to add power to their joint venture offers
• People promoting “hot” programs
• And more!
Just look at what is included in our 123 Ad Writing Package.
1. ONE SOLO AD – about 300 words long and stuffed full of powerful emotional triggers. Use this ad in ezines, on your website … anywhere you want to create results.
2. TWO TOP SPONSOR ADS – about 100 words long, these are perfect for ezines and on your website too. Short, but power packed, these ads will create the clicks you want.
3. THREE CLASSIFIED ADS – perfect for free classified areas, Google AdWords, and more, these little ads pack a big punch. Use them anywhere you can place up to five line ads.
How much will the 123 Ad Writing Package cost?
If you know me, you know that I’ve limited my writing to members of my sites and those who could pay $5000 or more for a short sales letter.
When I stopped taking new copywriting clients in 2003, my rates were much lower than they would be today. Even at 2003 rates, the ads included in this package would cost …
• $225 for one solo ad
• $250 for two top sponsor ads
• $225 for three classified ads
That means that the value – in 2003 dollars – of the 123 Ad Writing Package is a whopping $700! Today it would be worth at least twice that number, about $1400!
But you won’t pay $1400, or $700 or anything near that amount. That’s because subscribers like you can order the 123 Ad Writing Package today for only $297!
But fair warning – there are only 24 hours in the day and I can only take a few orders at this price. When we reach the limit this page will be removed and a notice that we are “sold out” will replace it. So, please, do act now.
You can get started below. You will receive specific instructions about getting started immediately after you order.
Your ads will arrive in your inbox when they are ready. It usually takes about 15 days to get these ads out to you.
Thanks as always! I look forward to working with you.
Charlie Page

Charlie Page has been self-employed for over 26 years and has over 37 years of sales experience. During his sales career he was the #1 National sales rep for two International companies.
Charlie owned two offline businesses, the last being a direct mail marketing company, which he owned and operated for six years. During that time he mailed literally millions of pieces of direct response copy, all of which he wrote himself. He has sold and written copy for radio, newspaper and direct mail marketing companies.
Charlie took the plunge and went completely online many years ago working as a ghostwriter (copywriter). His clients have included major Internet marketers, people wanting to increase their sales conversion rates as well as people just starting their online careers.
Charlie joined the Directory of Ezines as a member in 2001. Less than 18 months later he bought the company!
Charlie is considered a master of writing direct response copy and enjoys teaching others how to write copy that creates sales and opt ins quickly. His specialty is email marketing. He enjoys creating fully automated selling systems that can do the work for him – and for his consulting clients.
Charlie shut down his highly profitable private consulting practice in 2009 in order to give his consulting time free to Directory of Ezines Lifetime members.
He currently owns several profitable web sites including (copywriting) Directory of Ezines (the web’s first ezine directory) and Instant Ezines, where he provides ready-made ezines for an affordable price.
Charlie Page has been self-employed for over 26 years and has over 37 years of sales experience. During his sales career he was the #1 National sales rep for two International companies.
Charlie owned two offline businesses, the last being a direct mail marketing

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